I like to illustrate through "clay etchings" on the form, a world in which small acts of everyday life reveals itself in fine detail.
"In my ongoing maturation as a potter and artist I will be driven to grow more, explore more and attempt what I have never attempted before to enhance the aesthetic life in my ongoing maturation as a potter and artist."
My medium of expression is porcelain clay
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MARCH 2017
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My art is created out of passion, and my medium of expression is porcelain clay. 



I spend most of my days thinking in storytelling and my work reflects this.  When I experience life I am aware of my mortality and the preciousness of the moment and then I want to depict it. My work is about bringing together my love of form and drawing...



Over the years I have mastered many techniques and I have used this knowledge to create extraordinary art which can be seen in the unique qualities of the pieces I create.